Mountain Equipment Down Jackets

Mountain Equipment down jackets or suits have accompanied mountaineers to the summits of all 14 of the world's 8000-metre peaks - and you can't question credentials like that! All of Mountain Equipment's expertise in making high-altitude down protection has been poured into the rest of their down jacket range, so if you want incredible warmth, light weight, compressibility and a host of user-orientated features, look no further.

Mountain Equipment down jackets come in a number of different weights for differing climatic conditions, all featuring a minimum down-to-feather ratio of 90:10 This is well above the industry standard for quality down - 80:20. Down fill power is never lower than 625 in a Mountain Equipment down jacket, guaranteeing exceptional warmth for its weight, and compressibility. Not only are Mountain Equipment down jackets seriously effective, but they also boast strong ethical credentials, as all down used in clothing and equipment by the brand must conform to the Mountain Equipment Down Codex: a code of practice which enforces animal welfare standards and traceability in the down supply chain. As a result, not only can you rely on a Mountain Equipment down jacket to keep you warm, you'll also feel the benefits on your conscience too.

A recent innovation in the Mountain Equipment down jackets range is WR Down: down which has been treated in a water repellent solution to increase its resistance to water, and accelerate drying time from damp. In factory tests, WR Down resisted water ingress for over 300 minutes after submersion, an impressive statistic, and one which demonstrates the increased usability in real-world conditions of WR-treated Mountain Equipment down jackets. WR Down will be available in selected jackets from winter 2014/15 onwards. In combination with the advanced fabrics used by the brand to keep the down firmly in place, such as the highly weather-resistant Drilite loft and featherweight He30, M.E down jackets represent a fantastic overall package.