The North Face Fleece Jackets

The North Face offers one of the most extensive and varied fleece ranges of any outdoor clothing manufacturer. These range from lightweight microfleeces, to thicker high-loft designs for extreme cold weather use. As well as manufacturing their own thermally efficient fleece fabrics, The North Face also cooperate with Polartec, the pioneers and market leaders in fleece design since 1979. This ensures not only that you get the best of what The North Face and third party contributors have to offer, but also that there is a fleece in The North Face range for almost every conceivable outdoor application.

Fleece fabrics are a great improvement over fabrics knitted or woven from materials such as wool or cotton, because they not only trap air in pockets between their fibres, but also allow water vapour to pass through freely, keeping you cool and comfortable when exercising. They also weigh significantly less than alternatives made from natural fibres, meaning they have a great warmth to weight ratio. Simply, if you're restricted by how much weight you can carry in your pack, fleeces offer more insulation per gram than any similar garment. Thanks to their excellent wicking properties and breathability, fleeces make the ideal mid layer for outdoor pursuits in chilly conditions. Paired with a high-quality base layer and a breathable waterproof or softshell jacket, they will help keep you warm yet comfortable across a wide range of temperatures. In extreme cold, they can even be worn under a down jacket or suit to provide that extra bit of insulation, a use for which the modern generation of advanced, high-loft fleece fabrics are ideally suited.