Xsocks Running Short Socks

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Xsocks Running Short Socks

For that barefoot feeling
Running causes shock waves to travel through your entire body, causing considerable stress and strain, in particular to the joints and spine. The Anatomically-shaped footbed in the Xsocks Running Short Sock  protects and supports your feet even on hard surfaces. The special Achilles Tendon Protector keeps the rim of your shoe at a distance, thus preventing uncomfortable friction and skin abrasions because the sensitive Achilles tendon area is cradled in the hollow created by the protector. The ‘Air’ ventilation system keeps your feet within a comfortable temperature range and decreases the risk of hot, burning feet and blisters.

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Made partly or entirely from man-made or synthetic materials. These enables the manufacturer to select materials to suit the objectives of their product, for example to achieve light weight, high breathability, or abrasion resistance.


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