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Xsocks Speed Metal Socks

Original XITANIT cools your feet – ideal for hot summer days
These revolutionary Xsocks Speed Metal employ a newly developed yarn: XITANIT. XITANIT’s ability to reflect external heat make these socks feel tangibly cooler to the skin. The result is perceptible, and anyone can at once feel the cooling effect. When exposed to the sun’s rays, the sock is cold inside, warm outside. Furthermore, XITANIT’s high conductibility means that warmth generated by the feet is led away from them. Another decisive factor is that XITANIT quickly and lastingly draws moisture away from the foot. This effect is supported by the AirCool Stripes, the AirFlow AnklePads and the AirConditioning Channels, which ventilate the feet. The result is dry and pleasantly-cool feet, even on hot summer days.

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